Best Video Creator Software To Make Powerful Videos

Powerful, engaging, creative videos for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube in minutes…

Get paid good money every video you create. Sell Videos to businesses for profit. Create incredible, professional ads, stories & video updates that convert into sales.

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‘Social media ready’ videos in 3 easy steps

Select the size you want. You can create videos quickly and easily for ‘Video Ads’, Stories or Video Updates.
Use our sleek, easy to navigate video editing system to add your effects, burn captions to your videos and quickly customize your videos enhancing both the design, look and feel.
Publish your videos from within the software to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram in minutes.


Fast Editing Like You’ve Never Seen It Before:

VideoFlow Creation is fast! The longer a video takes the more it eats into your agencies bottom line. 

You can’t afford to spend days fiddling with overly complex settings or time-consuming free flow editors (Built for Video Artists).

So we crafted a new way of editing. And it’s faster than ever before! 

With VideoFlow it takes just minutes and a few clicks of your mouse to fully customize any of your videos, create high converting scenes and use templates to pump out videos at a rapid pace.

Wrap Your Videos & Drive Massive Click through

FACT: Wrapped videos outperform unwrapped videos. Ads are about getting attention, communicating a message and stopping people in their tracks. Use VideoFlow’s ‘Wrapper’ to within seconds optimize your videos to stand out. Get people to click on your videos every time with animated Emojis, large attention grabbing fonts & arrows.

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Burn captions into your videos Fast

Videos with captions or subtitles stand out in a newsfeed packed with viewers that scroll at hyperspeed. They engage people whether the sound’s on or off … 

THIS IS CRITICAL: 85% of videos are watched WITHOUT sound. 

Literally EXPLODE your audience burning subtitles into your videos. More people absorb your entire message so they actually get to your call of action …click …and make you profits. 

VideoFlow uses an AI-powered learning tool that makes captions automatic and easy. Within minutes you can completely burn your entire video with accurate captions.

Import videos from mobile, web & desktop

Choose videos you’ve filmed on your mobile, camera or stock footage you’ve purchased. You can import freely and easily with a couple of clicks then instantly edit your video within our easy to navigate interface. Select videos from any device.

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