CommerceMojo Review – Do You Really Need This Tool?

A Comprehensive Review on CommerceMojo

Welcome to my website…I believe you opened this page because you need a CommerceMojo review and what this product entails. Guess what? You made the right decision because I will be revealing everything there is to be known about CommerceMojo. To make your time worthwhile, I have prepared a special package for you at the end of this review.

Before going deeply into the CommerceMojo review, I think an overview would be necessary to reveal some information about the creator of this software.

An Overview of CommerceMojo

Name of Product Creator: Rohit Shah

Official Name of Product: CommerceMojo

Official Launch Date: 2020-July-23

Front-End Price: $47

Official Company Website: Click Here

Having gotten an idea about CommerceMojo, it is time to go in details on this product to see if it’s worth buying or not.

What is CommerceMojo?

CommerceMojo Review

CommerceMojo Review

Since I want to make sure that you have a full understanding of CommerceMojo in this review, I will take my time to breakdown every detail into simple fragments.

To make it simple, CommerceMojo is a multipurpose tool that helps to make life easy for eCommerce. I have seen quite a number of amazing tools for e-commerce, but what I haven’t seen is having all these tools on a single dashboard. This is the unique proposition that makes CommerceMojo stands out from the crowd.

With CommerceMojo, you can easily design eye-catching ads, create captivating videos, and launch a campaign that converts like crazy.

There are five tools that come with this software and in this CommerceMojo review, and I will be taking out time to analyze each of them.

With CommerceMojo, you can now effortlessly and automatically remove background from a ton of photos, edit images to your perfect desire without tempering with the quality of the image. To make it easier and quicker to create high converting videos and designs, CommerceMojo comes with unlimited pre-made templates.

What are some of the tools of CommerceMojo?

1. Commerce Video Creator

With this tool, you can create ad videos or videos for your business literally in seconds. The good thing is that these videos will be made in such a way that will captivate the attention of your audience. This feature can be the difference between a successful business owner and an unsuccessful business owner.


2. Commerce Design Builder

Create high converting, fully compliant product images and advertisements for your online business in record time with CommerceMojo design-builder. 



Automatically remove backgrounds from all sorts of photos quickly with a single click. No need to manually select the background or foreground layers to separate them.

Just upload your image, and then download the result of the removed background in minutes. Honestly, this feature beats my imagination.


Serve high-fidelity images to your visitors and clients with this state of the art AI that is responsible for the best ever image upscaling on the planet.

Automatically enlarge unlimited photos by up to 8 times of original size without losing any quality.


Quickly and automatically compress unlimited images by up to 95% without losing quality and see your conversions soar with faster loading pages and easy to transfer images.

The technology employ in CommerceMojo helps to selectively decrease the number of colors while making sure no visible changes occur on the image, which results in a dramatic reduction of image weight without any quality loss.


The features of CommerceMojo are so important that it makes it practically unavoidable if you want to do well in e-commerce. A summary of all the features you will get when you buy CommerceMojo are shown below.

CommerceMojo ReviewCommerceMojo ReviewCommerceMojo Review

CommerceMojo Review: Conclusion

From my CommerceMojo review, it is very clear that CommerceMojo is the real deal when it comes to eCommerce. It has all the required tools needed to run a successful e-commerce business.

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