The Importance of a Good Website Design

The importance of a good website design

The importance of a good website design cannot be overlooked in the digital world. Just as the popular saying goes, “your first impression matters a lot”, your website design has a way of communicating with your audience. Aside the great look, there are other more benefits you get from an amazing website design.

As a business owner, your marketing strategies should have a reflection on your website design. Building your business website can be likened to building your house. If the foundation is faulty, it doesn’t matter how well you do the finishing, it will still crumble. To this reason, we have put together a list of the importance of a good website design.

Importance of a good website design

Importance of a good website design

Customer’s Trust

There is more to just getting information or buying products from your website. The level of professionalism you put in designing your website passes a whole lot of messages to your audience. First, having a great website design tells your audience that you are serious about your business and that you always strive to give them the best.

A recent study showed that about 40 percent of users don’t like engaging with websites that have unattractive layout. Remember, there are a thousand and one options for users, so to retain your audience, you need to present your content in a well-designed template.

There is a constant evolution taking place in the digital space, and for you to match up with it, you need to be modern and consistent in dealing with users. What is the importance of a good website design? It guides users on how to seek information and shows them the pathway of making purchases. A great website design is one that is, although user-friendly, yet has a sophisticated appearance that wows audience.


If you are looking at reaching a large audience organically, then you’d want to make sure your SEO startegies are intact. One of the qualities of a good SEO is the design of your website. Search engines view your website differently from how humans do. The meta content and CSS tags are the major focus of the search engines, and this is a vital part of web design. Web designers use a consistent style for publishing contents, which in turn helps in ranking your website high on the search engine.

A website that is well-designed and that has an amazing user experience usually has a simple navigation, clear site map, and great resources that offers genuine value to customers. No doubt, having all these elements in place will improve your SEO score.

Brand Consistency

The importance of a good website design is that it creates brand consistency for your business. For you to build a long-term bond with your audience there must be consistency in your brand. From recent surveys, it was proven that businesses with consistent brand presentation tend to see an increase of about 23 percent in revenue. Through your website, you can define your visual language and tone to your customers. Also, your website design determines the kind of experience your customers get from your website.

In business, for you to drive sales and conversions, you need to be consistent. If customers click through a page on your website and land on a below-par page, they are likely to look elsewhere in search of a better experience. After putting in effort in giving your website a great look, make sure other aspects are up to standard visually and tonally.

Another Importance of a Good Website Design is that it Drives Conversions

Having a call-to-action on your website has been proven to increase sales and engagement dramatically. This action can be seamlessly implemented by a good web designer. All the buttons and links on your website should be clearly defined to give customers a clear understanding of your intention. When building your website, make sure that the CTAs stand alone with space so they can easily be seen and read by users.

You can also drive conversions on your website through forms. These forms help users to access valuable content. You may want to read about marketing automation and see how it integrates seamlessly with your web design.

Importance of a good website design

Importance of a good website design

Summary of the importance of a good website design

The importance of a good website design will continue to increase as long as the world is advancing technologically. Also, lots of tech-savvy internet users are springing forth daily and they expect to surf web pages that match their tastes. So, ensure that your website has all the basic requirements that will make consumers to trust your brand. Try as much as possible to be consistent, and give your website a user-friendly interface that will make users comfortable to spend time on. Also ensure the buttons and links are well-defined and lead users to the right pages. Putting all these in place will help you to drive sales and boost conversion.

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